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teacher of arts
Tatyana Petenko
It is possible to learn to draw!

      Try to surprise yourself every day! Surprise by beauty of the nature, beauty of the world you are living in! I will be happy to support You and teach You different technics during our individual classes.

It is possible to learn how to draw!

        It is possible to learn how to draw specially in childhood: children can easily express themselves and see things differently. They are opened to the world, they would like to learn it and also to draw! It is great to continue drawing when grow up and may be even doing it as a profession! Everyone can enjoy drawing as a hobby also. I will help you to increase your knowledge in this area.

Creativity does not have age or status!

        I can easily confirm it by the story of each of my students. I am proud of their successes! They won the prizes, they finished Arts Universities, they successfully completed their diplomas in Arts. Some of students started from zero and became absolutely great in drawing!
        I believe that everyone is unique, You are unique! Just let Yourself believe in it!
        Also you can order/buy the works of my students and my own ones. I hope they will bring you a great mood and also touch the deepest area of your heart!

        With best regards,